the lighter me This “About Me” Page is a work in progress…so just a note for now:  I am a dreamer of dreams, and a world traveler.  I am a Christian who understands that the test is the testimony.  My life experiences have been wide, varied, and are the reason I love to write.  My trusty notebook is always by my side!

I have been published three times on the Blogher website, SheKnows.  I adore writing flash fiction and have recently submitted stories to The Vestal Review and Mash Stories. In previous years, my editorials have been published in my hometown newspapers and college newspapers.  I am currently completing a book proposal on a memoir about the life adventures of my father.  In fact, my most popular blog post on  was about my Declaration of Independence on Political Correctness, which addresses the memoir I am writing.

I am a mother of a spunky 11 year old, who loves horses.  I love to learn about new things, of course you’d expect that of a former educator!  I enjoy playing classical piano on my antique Chickering Grand piano.  I am the beloved masteress of two Cavalier, King Charles spaniels and 4 kitty cats.  My current guilty pleasures are House of Cards, and Miranda Sings!

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