Happy days of 1994

Sometimes you find the love of your life, but it doesn’t last a lifetime.

The love of my life was unexpected.  He came into my life before I was a Christian (although I was a believer).  He was an obnoxious merchant mariner who pursued me with a passion that won my respect and my heart eventually.  We had a very happy time together.  Looking back it was as if, he was spending the last six months of his life with me and loving every minute.  He was my beloved, but he had his fair share of issues…not where our love was concerned, but it affected our life.  This young man was highly educated, with a genius level IQ, but was in the middle of a divorce from a girl he never loved and had spent his younger years experimenting with drugs.  I was naïve enough to think that my goodness would be enough.  He died tragically at Christmas by drowning at age 31.  My life would never be the same, but I am so grateful for the love we enjoyed during that time.  That was over 21 years ago and I carry him with me still.


Just because are a Christian does not mean that your life will go as you plan. 

As a bonafide Christian, you will want your life to go as God would will it.  That doesn’t mean you won’t make plans, but you will have to remember that if it is God’s will your plans may come to pass.  With that said, there is a saying “Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it!”  So think about what you might pray for.  Is it something you want or need?

I prayed that God would send me a spouse that was a Christian, who didn’t have a drug problem, and wasn’t in the middle of a divorce.  Well, that prayer was answered, but my life didn’t go as planned!  Oh, we had the perfect wedding; we later adopted two children from Russia and had our own biological daughter. However, we experienced something that would send my husband to jail and place incredible strain on keeping the vow we took for better or for worse.  Our adoption was challenging as we endured attachment issues with our older children.  They have grown up but remain elusive.  Our youngest daughter has had to grow up without having her father around for most of her life.  He visits us when he can, but we are parted still by probation.  Why stick around, you ask?  Faith and a sacred vow.

Cling to the cross

The world and people will fail you, but faith and Jesus will be the truth you cling to.

The two stories I have related above have shown that the world and people will fail you.  Absolutely without a doubt that is true, but so is the other half of the sentence…faith and Jesus will be the truth you cling to.  I have found that if it was not for my faith and my savior, I would have had nothing to cling to.  Every time the world and people fail me (and there have been many times), my faith and Jesus have been there for me.  Yes, the road is rough, but I have 2 unfailing constants in my life.

(This photo is from Pinterest.  I have tried to find out who to give the credit to.  I would like to attribute this to the appropriate individual.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Please email me and or leave a post on this picture should you know the original source.)

 Truth and peace are the foundation of my life.



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