Today I’d like to highlight a post of a fellow friend and author, Tracy Wolfe. She has written this wonderful post from the heart and I must say it was one that rang true in my life. I, too, was a believer, but didn’t go to church a lot as a kid. My biblical knowledge was very surface, I was laughed at when I prayed in Sunday School class and it affected how I felt as a believer. I never felt quite good enough. I was embarrassed that my parents didn’t take me to church. All the other kids in the neighborhood went. My friend’s mom called me a heathen. Tracy has written her thoughts and experiences so well that I could identify with her post!

Tracy Renee Wolfe

On today’s blog, I’m venturing into treacherous waters: religion.  If you’ve only known me in recent years, you may hear me talk about things like teaching Sunday School and going to softball games for the church team.  You may not know about the ups and downs I’ve had with organized religion before getting to this point.

I’m am so thankful for finally reaching the place I am now.  We are regular attendees at a church that we all love and feel accepted at.  And that is something that is much harder to find than it ought to be.

I’ve definitely gone through stages in my life where I thought everyone that went to church was a hypocrite or just waiting to judge me.


But I was also being judgmental for assuming that all churchgoers were like that.

Many people have unfortunately had bad experiences with religion in their past.  Here…

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