Today I am putting a personal spin on some truths that I have found to be true in my life.  I’m not going to do a list, but I’ll express how I’ve personally experienced truth in my life:

  • Never say “never”:  I personally found that on several occasions when I said I’d never do something, I ended up doing it!  One eerie experience I had happened in my early twenties.  I was strolling on my college campus with a friend.  We were having a typical conversation on various things.  I mentioned that I’d never ridden in an ambulance before.  I know that’s an obscure sentence for me to remember, but it is the key to why this truth was illuminated to me that very afternoon:  On our way home, my sister and I were in a wreck and Yes, I rode in an ambulance that day!  It became taboo to say never – it was as if you were inviting trouble into your life!


  • Do not ask, “What’s going to happen next?” or ‘What else is going to go wrong?” when you’re having bad things happen in your life.  You will always find out!  I asked that before and something else bad happened…luckily it is noted in psychological articles that we have a tendency to forget the bad and remember the good…well, I can tell you that is true and I can’t remember what happened.


  • It is better to give than to receive.  I know that it sounds crazy, but it’s true!  I would rather give anyday than to receive presents and  recognition.  As my sister and I grew up, our parents gave us surprises that were fabulous.  Those are very precious memories to my sister and me, even now.  What I see in those memories though, was the joy that my parents had in giving.  That was their greatest gift of all!  I can tell you that the joy of giving to others is very fulfilling.


  • “If it is meant to be, then it will happen.”  My mother told me this as I broke up with my first love.  I always listened to my mother because she always gave advice I could count on.  Oh, it hurt as true love’s first loss does, but I knew my mother wouldn’t lie to me.  I came to grips that the situation was really out of my control and I found peace in knowing that if it was meant to be, then I didn’t have to worry about making it happen.  Time was the key to healing and although I found that it wasn’t meant to be, there were plenty of other romances I got to experience!

What are your personal encounters with truth?  Let me know, I’d love to hear how truth presented itself to you!  Truth leaves you with a clean conscience!

Living and loving truth everyday,





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