Last week, I posted only one blog.  I felt the need to tweak some of the things I am doing.  I found that people really enjoy my Tuesday Truths and Wednesday’s Wisdom posts.  When I posted my blog on Prince Friday, it got some extra attention.  I had taken the liberty to break free from the editorial calendar to share from the heart!  It was a good feeling too.

My Twitter account is growing quickly.  I’ve grown to enjoy tweeting and promoting others and their content.  It is reciprocated and thus my twitter following increases!  It just takes time.

I read an interesting post from Shannon Thompson about blogging.  She wrote:  Knowing when to change your focus and energy is going to help you keep your momentum up while also maintaining your voice. It’s always okay to try something new. In fact, I encourage it.

So my change began on Friday when I wrote about Prince, his influence on my life, appreciating his accomplishments, and remembering him through the legacy of his music.  Breaking out of my schedule allowed me to feel free.  I had been writing according to my calendar, but I give myself permission to go off schedule when there is something I want to share!

I want to stay short and sweet with my posts as I know time is fleeting and when I write, I want my audience to know that I will offer maximum value as concisely as I can!

As I see what my audience tunes in to, I will tweak accordingly!  Change can be fun and invigorating for the spirit!  What kind  of change would you like to see?  I’d love to hear from you!

Taking each day at a time,






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