Last week I posted about my life through the years as expressed by the music of the day.  I reread the post and I couldn’t believe I left out a main staple of my play list of life – Prince!

Watching the news for the last 24 hours, I have relived memories of my young adulthood and how Prince’s music played through a large part of it.  I have very happy memories that are associated with his songs.  I’d say definitely the party, cruising, nightclub scenes since they all involved Prince’s music.

I have listened to the story behind the icon that was Prince and I can tell you that he is a guy I’d like to know more about.  Sure I knew the music, but the man that made the music is just as interesting.  In my young years, I was too busy partying like it was 1999 to know and appreciate his genius.

Last night, I saw him play the most spectacular guitar solo in a performance of George Harrison’s song, While My Guitar Gently Weeps.  I was spellbound.   Then there the ambiance of Purple Rain and his mesmerizing guitar solo – what a performer!  I learned that he could not read music, but played all kinds of musical instruments.  He would also produce his own work as well as play and sing every single instrument or part on the song.  Talk about a wow factor!  Last night I found out there was a reason why he became known as a symbol for a while.  I had no clue way back then!

I have also heard about his party/concerts at his home/studio in Paisley Park.  I sure wish I’d lived in his town!  The locals they have interviewed spoke about them with such a personal fondness that I was envious to have not been a part of such an experience.

Prince was a kind person who helped others.  He was a private person and everyone respected that.  He knew loss and heartache.  He had no pretense about him.  Behind the star was a very relatable genius who was down to earth.  I am sure that is why everyone loved him all the more.

I heard he was writing his memoir.  I hope to read it someday.  I am sure that I’ll be all the better for it.

It is bittersweet to lose our icons (or anyone we care about) sooner that we would expect.  We want to reverse time and make it not be true.  We want to savor the times that we had with them and relive those days in our minds, hoping that if we think about it hard enough we will somehow travel back in time and just stay there.

His music will carry us through.  We will remember and although we won’t bring him back, let’s listen to his music and transport ourselves and celebrate the life experience we enjoyed with this fine musician called Prince!

Partying like it’s 1999 in my little red “Mustang” (Corvette),





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