This is a repost from an earlier Thursday post for you.  Mentors are so helpful in advancing your writing career!  Enjoy.  See you on Monday.

On my journey in this world that is writing, I have made it a point to share with you, my fellow writers, the resources that have encouraged me and made me work smarter. This week I wanted to share two of my “go to” resources:  Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli.

Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli have been two very helpful and informative resources on my journey as a writer. You see, lots of research goes into building your skills that will give your writing value and in turn, build an audience.  These ladies both are committed to sharing the knowledge and encouragement aspiring writers need.  I have found that I keep their blogs and websites saved so that I can refer to them regularly as I progress in the writing craft.

Carol’s site “Make A Living Writing” gives valuable advice on pitching;  sites that pay for articles by type.  For instance: essays, lifestyle and general interest, tech, and writing  too!  Her advice on content mills keeps me grounded on developing my skill and going for quality.  I appreciate that!   Carol offers many free things in addition to reasonably priced access to resources in the Freelance Writer’s Den.  This week I purchased “How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger” and reserved my copy of “Small Blog, Big Income.”  I also will get access to the live call around launch day for this new promotion.  Carol will be available to answer Q&A’s on blog-monetizing questions.  I am sure this will be a valuable session!

Linda’s book “The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Freelance Writing” is a go-to-book that you will find useful as your career develops.  She is noted for “The Renegade Writer” blog which was voted as one of the Top 10 blogs for Writers by the website “Write to Done.”    It was also awarded by Writers Digest as one of the 101 Best websites for Writers.  Linda suggests making your blog one that is consistent and offers valuable content.   She features her most popular posts on a daily basis so you should go check it out.  You can learn a lot from Linda!

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