My reflection for today is the truth:  Music is what feeling sound like.

Before Grooveshark was shut down, I had found it to be the perfect site that I could catalog my life’s music with.  I miss my folders!  Each day I could go to the site and according to what part of the past I wanted to visit, I could pick and play!

There was the high school years, cruising songs, my romance folder was the place I could go to reminisce with my feelings that associated to one of various boyfriends.  Sometimes I’d just arrange my folders to play chronologically by boyfriend and it would encompass most folders!  I’d happily listen to my life’s songs by whatever nostalgic trip I wished to take each day.

Freshman year of high school could be songs from the Eagles, Queen, SuperTramp, Dan Fogleberg. Sophomore Year and First Love would be songs from the Beatles, John Lennon, The Climax Blues Band, REO Speedwagon, Kenny Loggins. Junior and Senior Years would be Huey Lewis and the News, Rick Springfield, Journey, U2, and Styx.  I remember keeping the top 10’s in my diaries (yes, I still have those!)

Jumping into the College Years, the Night Club years, and beyond:  Dexies Midnight Runner, Go West, David Bowie, Glenn Frey,  Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Thompson Twins, Culture Club, Scritti Politti, Aha, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Poison, Guns & Roses, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Night Ranger, and Bryan Adams, Toto, 38 Special,  and Extreme.

My tragic romance collection English Dan and John Ford Coley, Ozzy Osborne, Lita Ford, Vanessa Williams, Seal, Sheryl Crow.  This is a true remembrance of my shortest, but happiest relationship with Mike, whom I dated for only six months before he died tragically.  It is a true testimony to quality of time vs. quantity of time.

I must tell you that I have not chosen songs from terrible romances!  Ha! (Luckily that’d be only one!)

I sure do miss Grooveshark!  Maybe I’ll find another site to build my life stories with music.  It takes me back in time and makes me glad I was there to experience the music with my life adventures.

Have you made a life list of your favorite songs?  Go ahead and do it!  I call it Mental Time Travelling!

Making the most of everyday!







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