Saturday I attended the Writer’s Digest Workshop in Philadelphia.  It was my first conference and I thought it was simple, straightforward, and worth my time.

Chuck Sambuchino was the main speaker.  There were over ten writing agents who had scheduled pitches with many of those in attendance.  As it was my first conference, I chose not to pitch.  I met many new friends and exchanged business cards.  It was a great time to network.

There was an hour devoted to “Writers’ Got Talent.” 1st pages of manuscripts were turned in and read anonymously to the audience and the agents who critiqued the writings.  It was a good experience to hear what the agents liked. Mine wasn’t read, but Chuck read at a pace to get as many read and critiqued as possible.

Books were available for purchase and I bought several.  I learned that a blog is very good to build a platform.  It should grow at about 8% per month.  A blog can be started well in advance of writing and publishing.  The reason for this is that traditional publishing takes upto 2 years!

For the writer just starting out, this is a perfect conference that will provide many good tips.  It also provides chances to meet fellow writers with whom relationships can be built over time.  The sharing that comes with networking is priceless.  There are other workshops coming up.  Visit the Writer’s Digest Website to find out if it is being held at a location within driving distance.  It’s well worth the $129!

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