Today’s spotlight will be on this year’s Blogher Conference in LA, August 4-6, 2016.  After starting my Blogs, late last year, I read about the annual conference sponsored by Blogher.  It sounding so encouraging and I began to check on how I could benefit should I decide to attend.

I found a fabulous way to attend for free (except my flight and hotel room costs) I asked to be considered to volunteer!  Luckily I have enough flight miles to pay for the flight so my expenditure will be for the hotel room.

What is going on at the conference?  Here are five examples that I’ll be taking part in:

Publishing & Writing | Behind the Curtain on Blog to Book, from the Publisher POV

Tech & Tools | Discoverability: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Business, Writing, and Geek Labs give attendees hands-on access to tools and tips to improve your blogging, writing and social media skills.

Publishing & Writing | Snackable Content: eBooks, Printables, Short-form in all its forms: Mining Your Content for Product Opportunities

You might ask, “How did you just get to be a volunteer?”  Well, the Blogher team put out a call for any interested individuals who wanted to be a volunteer to let them know via email what qualifications and fields of expertise they could offer as a volunteer.   I let them know that I was a people person and that I previously owned a wedding planning business.  I also told them I was comfortable coordinating events and handling crowds.   About a week later I got the response that I could attend.  Who knew?!

Put yourself out there when there’s a call for help.  It can be a win-win situation!

I’ll keep you posted on my travel plans as they progress.

My blog on Blogher is

Making the most of everyday,









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