Happy Monday to you, my fellow writers and authors!  I have been hard at work preparing for the conference in Philly this upcoming weekend.  I’ve still got to prepare my book proposal for my memoir.  However, the conference will take oral pitches only.  My goal is to at least have it with me for conversation with the various people I will meet.

I ordered some business cards to hand out.  I am trying to decide which story I’m going to put forth for the Anonymous read aloud and critique.  I am prepared for rejection comments, but it’s all a part of the learning process in writing!  I want to submit the first page of the memoir about my dad.  It is humorous and written in his voice so it should stand out…I’m hoping!

I am so excited to take my first trip to a writing conference!  I look forward to making contacts and friends and learn new things!  It’s at the historic Radisson Blu Warwick at Rittenhouse Square.  It has a lot of ambiance!

At the close of last week, my twitter account showed continued to growth as did my blog followers.  I am so pleased to get likes and followers.  It’s all about bringing value to my readers.

A goal I wish to meet this week is that I need to get my affiliate tool box from the Freelancer Writers Den and learn how to set it up here on the blog.  Carol Tice has been such a helpful guide as I endeavor to become a successful freelance writer!

I also submitted a 500 word story to Mashable.  The special requirement was that the words mug, happiness, and converter were to be used in the story.  The story is a humorous tale of a mischievous boy on a motorbike.  It was a hoot to write!

I also wrote a post for my Blogher blog called, “I’m a Political Junkie” Go see it at

Enjoy the day!












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