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Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset!

I thought I’d take this light topic to discuss because I have definitely done this!  The key word is stupid here and yes, I was just that!  I must’ve been having PMS or low-blood sugar because I got peeved at the slightest thing…taking off my necklace!

Luckily, this was a minor incident.  I was at home in my room alone taking off my work clothes to get into something more comfortable.  I have this shirt that came with it’s own necklace and it hooked into two loops on each side of the shirt.  I remember it had one of those lobster claw hooks and you know how difficult those can be to unclasp!  I had to unhook it to take it off.  It wasn’t as easy as just lifting it over my head.

Everything had gone well until I got to the stupid (there’s that word again!) necklace.  I tried several times to unhook it with no success and so I yanked it off!  It felt good to do at about the same time I started to regret it!  I was mad at the stupid shirt and necklace!  It was not expensive, but nice just the same.  I had done something permanently stupid because I was temporarily upset!  Have you encountered a time like this?  Let me know!  Leave your story below, I’d love to hear it!





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