This is my Monday post to you to let you know what I’m doing with my writing process, how I feel about it, and where I’m going.

I have gotten into doing my editorial calendar for my posts.  On Monday, I focus on my journey as a writer.  Tuesdays, I share truths with you that I have found to be true in my life.  Wednesdays is called Wednesday’s Wisdom.  I take a Tuesday’s truth and discuss it as it has touched my life and ask for your comments.  Thursday is the day that I like to focus on a writing exercise that I have done during the week and promote the books that I have used to improve my writing and the authors who have inspired me.

I have been promoting my blog site on Twitter using Buffer and the scheduler on WordPress.  I have found that it is a win-win when I promote authors on Thursday.  I send out a tweet to the authors I am highlighting and they have commented and liked my blog.  I hope to continue this and see my blog audience grow.

I have been thinking of the April 9 writer’s workshop that I will be attending in Philadelphia.  As you know I have mentioned that I am learning about writing fiction.  I am freewriting and brainstorming.  I really want to know more about alternative history writing and speculative fiction.  I have not signed up to pitch because I only had a book proposal for my memoir about my dad’s life adventures and all the agents (not many) who want to see memoirs are sold out.  This my first conference, though and I really want to listen and observe.  I will not pitch unless I feel that I am adequately prepared.

I do want to write what I am excited about and that is time travel and suspense.  My post last week about my freewriting exercise was very fun.  What am I afraid of then?  Being able to cultivate a real and complete story that is riveting!  I’ve been thinking of several ideas and realize that I need to research about my world, the time setting – for realistic historical reasons.  Then there’s character development, plot development, and my confidence hits the brick wall of the mansion that I want to use as part of the story!

…and so I write on!

Moving forward!






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