bible wisdom

Here is my first installment of the Series Wednesday’s Wisdom:  From the Heart.

Last week I shared a statement that is from my “Things I Have Found to Be True in my Life” Pinterest Board:  Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s word.

I’m not going to get preachy, but I have found to this to be so true in my life!  Ever since I became a Christian over 21 years ago the evening my boyfriend died, I have held the Bible in the highest esteem.  I have been learning from this book since that day that my life changed forever.  Now, I’m no scholar, but just a simple Christian seeking truth and peace.  I must tell you that the scripture has rang true over these past 21 years.  I would say that I have had more than my fair shares of ups and downs (more downs!), but if not for those times I would not have sought the truths found in the Bible.  I do not brag about studying the bible, but I will tell you that when troubled times come, your ability to recall these truths will be what protects your heart and sanity when tempted by Satan in this old world!  When Jesus was tempted, guess what he used to go up against Satan?  The scripture! See Matthew chapter 4 for the story.  Just think what a wonderful weapon we have access to against Satan when we know God’s word!

Please join in the discussion and leave a testimony about how knowing scripture has bolstered you in times of trial.  Positive comments only please – no negative and derogatory comments.  Free speech understood, but encouragement is preferred.

Your truth seeking friend,





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