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This world that I live in has captured my attention on every level.  My mind is constantly whirling with thoughts about writing.  Lately, I have been researching the possibilities of fiction.  I like what I am reading on transformational fiction and speculative fiction.
I like the thought of alternate history stories, which is a form of speculative fiction.
I have been googling everything I can find about these genres.  I am utilizing my Kindle Unlimited to find any free books that will enlighten me on the craft.  I realize that I  must also read some books in these genres as well.  I do not just want to start writing and have no real clue about making a great story.
Next month I will attend a day workshop in Philadelphia.  It’s just a small conference that is general.  Literary agents will be available to pitch to so I want to make sure that my memoir proposal is polished.  There will also be a type of “American Idol” version of reading page 1 of anonymous stories of those attending with critiques on the spot of those presented.  I selected this conference because it will allow me to get experience, learn about resources, meet agents and other writers too.
I keep my notebook is close by – sometimes I think I need to keep it open and by my side at all times because I don’t want any thoughts that pass by my window of consciousness to slip by unnoticed!  I make lists and notes on anything that I feel is valid.  I have found this to be helpful, especially when I can return to it as soon as I’d like.
I did conduct some analysis on my writing and I have found it to be rather helpful.  I saw that I have the unfortunate tendency to use adverbs too much!  I look forward to clearing that up!
My research about writing has been ongoing since I took the fall writing class online about getting published.  I felt overwhelmed until just recently because there is so much to learn.  Building the platform, audience, writing for magazines, finding writing groups online, and my writing itself was taking a backseat to all the research!  Of course, I know that it’s a temporary thing because I have written some simple stories lately.  I have also been practicing freewriting and just letting my thoughts flow and the pen write using my artist brain.  It was empowering!  I read about this exercise in the free book on writing craft by Rayne Hall, called Writing Short Stories to Promote your Novels.  I’ll tell you about my fun in this free write and how I stumbled upon an exciting author named Rachel Hauck on Thursday!
I keep finding interesting authors along the way during my research, Bryn Donovan, Anne LaMotte, and Rachel Hauck.  I can see a reading fest ahead!
Your Writer  Friend on a Journey,

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