I want to share some really helpful things I have recently learned in my writing quest and building my online audience. Several weeks ago, I had my best week ever on this blog site.  It was when I learned about using keywords and the importance of writing a good headline!

Coschedule is a good website to visit.  It taught me about the headlines I was writing.  It even gave me a grade!  I would write various headlines I keep in my notebook and then it would tell me if I had used power words, emotion words, it analyzed the tone of the headline (positive sentiment).  Try it out for a spin and see if you like it!

One thing that I am experiencing as I investigate these sites is that nothing seems to be free.  Yes, there are free trials, which can be a good thing.  I usually try things that does not ask for my credit card up front.  An aspiring writer needs to write and submit pieces to earn money.  If that is not happening yet, then you will need to do what you can without committing yourself to lots of sites that can help you at the expense of $30 and up per month.

I currently have the free plan on WordPress.  I upgraded to Premium because I thought I was going to get analytics for the site.  I found out that I was wrong!  I gave the matter some thought:  do I need to pay $99/year for what I am getting in comparison to having a free site?  I wasn’t getting the one thing I really wanted, but for free I still got some analytics.  At this stage of my writing, I found that until I get thousands of followers, perhaps I’d see how well I built my following on the free plan.  The analytics that coordinates with Google was $199/yr.  So I decided that it was in my best interest to get a refund.

I would suggest that you write, research, and read as a beginner.    I keep a notebook handy to jot down anything helpful.  Use the internet to research.

You may ask, have you subscribed to anything that costs money?  Yes!

I have:

  • Taken an online writing class ($104)
  • Subscribed to Writers Digest ($5.99 – special)
  • Bought the Writers Market Book $25
  • Signed up for a writers workshop in Philadelphia $129
  • Subscribed to Kindle unlimited ($9.99/mth) allows me to read books for free and return them when I am finished.  This is very helpful as there are lots of writing books that can be read for free here.

I research quite a lot everyday, uncovering new sites and information.  I make notes on what I feel is helpful.  I want to write smarter, not harder!

Seeking to inspire and motivate you!






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