shannon thompsonShannon  Thompson, Author

Shannon A. Thompson is an author and blogger on WordPress.  I follow her site because she has good thoughts, tips, and advice.

My favorite take aways from Shannon are:

  1. Be yourself
  2. Don’t compete with anyone else
  3. Make time to write!
  4. Focus on your niche
  5. People who have your interests will find you!

Shannon’s website is informative and displays her books too.  Shannon is hosting  #AuthorinaCoffeeShop Episode 9  which starts on Thursday at 7 pm (CDT) via Twitter’s @AuthorSAT! 

Shannon says:  What is Author in a Coffee Shop? Exactly how it sounds! I sit in a coffee shop and tweet out my writer thoughts while hanging out with you.

I’ll be there! Check Shannon out!

Always in pursuit of excellence,





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