Wednesday’s Wisdom

Surround yourself with people who will only make you better.balloonbalance-865819_640

Throughout my life friends have come and gone.  Some friends may be far away, but when we get back together, it’s as if no time has passed and we pick right back up where we left off.

The key question is:  Are you friends with people who will make you a better person?

I like to surround myself with people who will be a positive influence and encourage me.  People that I can talk to and listen to and be advised by are very important to me.  Interaction with such people make for a rich friendship. Growth occurs.  Perspective widens. Confidence blossoms.  I have become a better and more well-rounded individual by having such friends in my life.

Life is short.  Make the most of your valuable time spending it with those people who will make you a better person.  Take a look at those people in your social circle.  These special people can come from all walks of life.  I like to call them kindred spirits.  Hopefully you’ll find encouragers and nurturers in your circle.  Remove the sharp-tongued, opinionated dart throwers as you move up,up,and away.   Don’t let them take the air from your balloon!

How important are those special friends to you?  How have they enriched your life?  Leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear from you!

Making the most of everyday,




Tuesday’s Truths to ponder, things I have found to be true in my life

  1. If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they are all you have left.
  2. Two Things Define You:
    1. You patience when you have nothing
    2. and your attitude when you have everything
  3. Surround yourself with people who will only make you better.
  4. I am and will always be the optimist.  The hoper of far-flung hopes.  The dreamer of improbable dreams.
  5. Lord, you have saved me from the empty things I used to chase.

Please feel free to let me know if you enjoy this series and which one you have found to be true in YOUR life!

Making the most of everyday,


My Writing Status an Update


Happy Monday!  Another week is here, can you believe that it’s the last weekend in March?  As I reflect on the month and writing,  I find that I have researched enough to be able to write on a more regular basis.  I have enjoyed building relationships through my research and highlighting authors and bloggers who I find to be helpful in my journey.

I have two weeks before I head to Philadelphia to the writers workshop.  I will report to you how I find it to be.  My goals are to listen, observe, and make new acquaintances.  I will make my final decision on pitching my father’s memoir and/or discussing a query letter with Chuck Sambuchino.

I am reading “The Wedding Dress” by Rachel Hauck; The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Freelance Writing” by Linda Formichelli;  “Writing Scary Scenes” by Rayne Hall;  and I have just finished reading the sample for Molly Greene’s “Blog It!” – the book  is available for purchase for $3.99 on Amazon.

I have been making lots of notes in my notebook and I have had several new thoughts with regard to a fiction story.  I’m comfortable with the “play around” stage with my ideas and I don’t want to share them online right now.  Tomorrow is the Tuesday’s Truths series where I share a list of 5 things that I have found to be true in my life.  See you then!

Making the most of everyday,





Mentors Making A Difference

This is a repost of a helpful article about mentors.  Enjoy!  See you on Monday!

On my journey in this world that is writing, I have made it a point to share with you, my fellow writers, the resources that have encouraged me and made me work smarter. This week I wanted to share two of my “go to” resources:  Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli.

Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli have been two very helpful and informative resources on my journey as a writer. You see, lots of research goes into building your skills that will give your writing value and in turn, build an audience.  These ladies both are committed to sharing the knowledge and encouragement aspiring writers need.  I have found that I keep their blogs and websites saved so that I can refer to them regularly as I progress in the writing craft.

Carol’s site “Make A Living Writing” gives valuable advice on pitching;  sites that pay for articles by type.  For instance: essays, lifestyle and general interest, tech, and writing  too!  Her advice on content mills keeps me grounded on developing my skill and going for quality.  I appreciate that!   Carol offers many free things in addition to reasonably priced access to resources in the Freelance Writer’s Den.  This week I purchased “How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger” and reserved my copy of “Small Blog, Big Income.”  I also will get access to the live call around launch day for this new promotion.  Carol will be available to answer Q&A’s on blog-monetizing questions.  I am sure this will be a valuable session!

Linda’s book “The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Freelance Writing” is a go-to-book that you will find useful as your career develops.  She is noted for “The Renegade Writer” blog which was voted as one of the Top 10 blogs for Writers by the website “Write to Done.”    It was also awarded by Writers Digest as one of the 101 Best websites for Writers.  Linda suggests making your blog one that is consistent and offers valuable content.   She features her most popular posts on a daily basis so you should go check it out.  You can learn a lot from Linda!

Wisdom Wednesday – Time to Reflect!

world that is writing-923882_640

Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset!

I thought I’d take this light topic to discuss because I have definitely done this!  The key word is stupid here and yes, I was just that!  I must’ve been having PMS or low-blood sugar because I got peeved at the slightest thing…taking off my necklace!

Luckily, this was a minor incident.  I was at home in my room alone taking off my work clothes to get into something more comfortable.  I have this shirt that came with it’s own necklace and it hooked into two loops on each side of the shirt.  I remember it had one of those lobster claw hooks and you know how difficult those can be to unclasp!  I had to unhook it to take it off.  It wasn’t as easy as just lifting it over my head.

Everything had gone well until I got to the stupid (there’s that word again!) necklace.  I tried several times to unhook it with no success and so I yanked it off!  It felt good to do at about the same time I started to regret it!  I was mad at the stupid shirt and necklace!  It was not expensive, but nice just the same.  I had done something permanently stupid because I was temporarily upset!  Have you encountered a time like this?  Let me know!  Leave your story below, I’d love to hear it!





Tuesday’s Truths to Ponder: Things I have found to be true in my life

forest-1225983_640truth and light

Here are my short and sweet truths for Tuesday!  Tomorrow on Wisdom Wednesday, I will pick one to discuss!

  1. Do what you feel in your heart to be right–for you’ll be criticized anyway. ~Eleanor Roosevelt
  2. Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset.
  3. One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder.
  4. When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal.  I see a living being.  I see a friend.  I feel a soul.  ~A.D. Williams
  5. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. ~ Jeremiah 29:13

Have a great day!


This World That is Writing

This is my Monday post to you to let you know what I’m doing with my writing process, how I feel about it, and where I’m going.

I have gotten into doing my editorial calendar for my posts.  On Monday, I focus on my journey as a writer.  Tuesdays, I share truths with you that I have found to be true in my life.  Wednesdays is called Wednesday’s Wisdom.  I take a Tuesday’s truth and discuss it as it has touched my life and ask for your comments.  Thursday is the day that I like to focus on a writing exercise that I have done during the week and promote the books that I have used to improve my writing and the authors who have inspired me.

I have been promoting my blog site on Twitter using Buffer and the scheduler on WordPress.  I have found that it is a win-win when I promote authors on Thursday.  I send out a tweet to the authors I am highlighting and they have commented and liked my blog.  I hope to continue this and see my blog audience grow.

I have been thinking of the April 9 writer’s workshop that I will be attending in Philadelphia.  As you know I have mentioned that I am learning about writing fiction.  I am freewriting and brainstorming.  I really want to know more about alternative history writing and speculative fiction.  I have not signed up to pitch because I only had a book proposal for my memoir about my dad’s life adventures and all the agents (not many) who want to see memoirs are sold out.  This my first conference, though and I really want to listen and observe.  I will not pitch unless I feel that I am adequately prepared.

I do want to write what I am excited about and that is time travel and suspense.  My post last week about my freewriting exercise was very fun.  What am I afraid of then?  Being able to cultivate a real and complete story that is riveting!  I’ve been thinking of several ideas and realize that I need to research about my world, the time setting – for realistic historical reasons.  Then there’s character development, plot development, and my confidence hits the brick wall of the mansion that I want to use as part of the story!

…and so I write on!

Moving forward!






I took a Freewrite Exercise, here’s the scoop!


Utilizing my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I checked out Rayne Hall’s book :         

There was an exercise designed to keep me at a low stress, “I can do this” level.
Rayne states in her book  that the short story is the perfect tool for promoting your novel. Readers who love your story will look for more fiction by the same author.
 Since I have been thinking of writing for magazines and doing the memoir based on my father’s adventures in life, I thought how I needed an exercise developing confidence in writing fiction.  I worked through her first five chapters and learned that I need to reach my target audience. using motifs and something to describe my fiction.  So I did and I wrote it down.  (She is very helpful in giving you examples here).
She asked me to describe the flavor of my novel using five adjectives.  Again, she gives some examples which made it easier to attempt.
She then told me to imagine my average reader…who is she?  What about the “world” of my novel? (This I didn’t develop at the moment because I knew it would be present day, but I really wanted to give some deep thought to the vision in my mind.  It helps me to write what I see.
Chapter 2:  Artist and Editor Brain was an interesting and illuminating exercise.  By setting a timer, my artist brain worked on most of this chapter and was free to get creative and think of titles.  After that I took a break, as instructed.  I had to think of my average reader and go back to my list.  Highlight the ones she would choose to read.  I really had fun doing this.
Chapter 3:  Recruiting the Cast:  Here I had to think of my characters.  I got to use my free-wheeling artist brain again!  Who was I seeing in the story?  I could see a young woman who was intelligent,  educated, who was fairly ordinary and she needed some intrigue in her life.  (I’ll still need to develop her more, but it’s a start!)
Chapter 4:  The Plotlet.  Here I used my Artist brain again!  Although it was somewhat daunting, I was determined to succeed in writing six stories (no more than 2 sentences) in 30 minutes.  I didn’t worry about detail.  I was told not to worry about if they were bad or good, but just be free and write.  Rayne also gave some of her own examples here.  That helped me to exercise my wings!  I took the titles and picked the ones I wanted to expand.  She advised to keep it within a short time period such as an hour or a day.  Just write! When 30 minutes was over, I took an extended break, then returned to my six stories. I had to once again remember my reader and then pick three of the six she would find interesting.
Chapter 5:  Freewriting – Here, I would pick the story I felt the most inspiration to work on and begin the freeflow of just writing.  Write, don’t be afraid!  Twenty minutes was the assigned time.  I took a break afterwards.  I had to look back at Chapter 1, then at my freewriting.  Here’s where the analysis was going to start so I’d have to get into my “Editor brain”.  I had to let everything sit for a while before I went any further.
This is where I had a little fun using a bit of advice from Bryn Donovan and I just went to the Amazon page and started looking for the genre I was writing in.  (Speculative Fiction with a paranormal element of  a ghost)   Were there other stories like mine out there?   During this time I found the author, Rachel Hauck, whose story, The Wedding Dress, was similar to my idea.  I went to her book for the sample and began to read.  It was wonderful!  I was getting drawn in right away.
The achievement I felt with this exercise was that I freed myself up to write without being afraid.  By completing the exercises I was learning about the writing process while keeping my reader in mind.  I had found a book that was similar to my idea so I thought that I should celebrate that I was on the right track.  I had found a new author to read (which would help me develop my skills for new stories).  I did purchase the book by Rachel Hauck.  I also follow her on Amazon now.  I have read about her background and I have seen the types of books she likes to write.  I am thoroughly enjoying her book!  I am also happy and encouraged that I did the freewrite exercise.   I hope you might try this too!  I have been reluctant to write fiction, because my strengths are in essays, editorials, and non-fiction.  I am a firm believer in continuous learning!  Try Rayne’s exercise.  I also follow these authors on Twitter as well.  Remember it’s important to build your platform too!
I’d like to say a special thank you to Rayne Hall and Rachel Hauck for the encouragement and inspiration!
Have fun with freewriting!

Wednesday’s Wisdom: From the Heart

bible wisdom

Here is my first installment of the Series Wednesday’s Wisdom:  From the Heart.

Last week I shared a statement that is from my “Things I Have Found to Be True in my Life” Pinterest Board:  Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s word.

I’m not going to get preachy, but I have found to this to be so true in my life!  Ever since I became a Christian over 21 years ago the evening my boyfriend died, I have held the Bible in the highest esteem.  I have been learning from this book since that day that my life changed forever.  Now, I’m no scholar, but just a simple Christian seeking truth and peace.  I must tell you that the scripture has rang true over these past 21 years.  I would say that I have had more than my fair shares of ups and downs (more downs!), but if not for those times I would not have sought the truths found in the Bible.  I do not brag about studying the bible, but I will tell you that when troubled times come, your ability to recall these truths will be what protects your heart and sanity when tempted by Satan in this old world!  When Jesus was tempted, guess what he used to go up against Satan?  The scripture! See Matthew chapter 4 for the story.  Just think what a wonderful weapon we have access to against Satan when we know God’s word!

Please join in the discussion and leave a testimony about how knowing scripture has bolstered you in times of trial.  Positive comments only please – no negative and derogatory comments.  Free speech understood, but encouragement is preferred.

Your truth seeking friend,





Tuesday’s Truths To Ponder – things I have found to be true in my life

forest-1225983_640truth and light

My third installment in the series begins today.  Here are five simple, but golden quotes that I have found to be true in my life:

  1. Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s word.
  2. It is better to have God approve, than the world applaud.
  3. The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns.  He comes as everything you have ever wished for.
  4. We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.
  5. Don’t bring up the past of a person who is trying to improve their future.


I have enjoyed writing these down and I know you have enjoyed reading them!  I am going to start a weekly post using these things  called “From the Heart” that I have found and start a conversation on each one.  I would love it if you would comment and discuss whatever my be on your heart.  You know, engaging in good discussions can help with ideas to write about!  I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Seeking to inspire and motivate you!