blog-625834_640Today I am happy to say that I learned about putting free pictures on my website! Pixabay is where you can go to find free pics.  It was easy to do so I suggest, why not start Pixabay if you are just beginning.

I have also learned about using HTML to add badges and a follow button.  I found the WordPress help site and I was determined to get results.  I did!  Thanks to WordPress Help!

I had almost 20 visitors to my blog today.  The best ever!  I am humbled.  How so?  Self promotion on Twitter!

According to stats, my online audience and presence is growing visibly.  This did not happen overnight, but after four months of reading, researching, watching YouTube tutorials, and learning how to create widgets!

I also have built a following on Twitter by visiting, tweeting, and responding to trends using the wonderful hashtag phenomenon.

I have been scheduling my upcoming posts to increase my efficiency and be present for my followers!

Working to bring value to bloggers and writers,


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