This is a repost from the recent past.  My daughter is in the early stages of labor and I have to travel quite a distance to be with her.  I know you will find this post to be very helpful! I will post again as I am able to!

One of the most helpful resources I have found is YouTube.  It is free and informational.  Just type in the keywords you want to know more about and voila!  You can spend some quality time listening to webinars, podcasts, and tutorials that will enlighten you!

Here are some of the helpful videos I have found on YouTube:

  1. Memoir webinar by Brooke Warner ( she’s an agent and has a lot of useful information) I suggest listening to what she’s got out there and subscribe to her if you are interested in writing memoirs!
  2. Evernote:  Getting started and cool tips by Michael Hyatt.  Podcast.  He is very informational and can get the message across.  I have started using Evernote because of his podcast and I love it!  He is a quality resource and I would suggest to subscribe to his channel.
  3. Jen Lancaster – book signing and introduction of her new book. This humorous author shows how she is marketing her book.  If you want to know what it would be like to do a reading and Q and A to promote your book, this is a good video to watch.  Very entertaining!
  4. Jeannette Walls interview on The Glass Castle:An Evening with Jeannette Walls — Point Loma Writer’s Symposium By the Sea 2014. and entertaining!  You’ll be inspired to read it!
I’ve only listed a few here.  Go and search to your heart’s content.  These sites were very helpful to me.  I would like to stress that when you are trying out a few that look interesting, listen to their pace.  Are they on point, do they hold your interest?  If not, move on to the next one.  You’ll know the good ones!  Have fun.
I hope I’ve linked these correctly!
Making the most of everyday!

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