blog-625834_640Here are some things that I have learned as I work on building my platform:
  1. Where do I set up my blog?  Where will I have exposure?
    1.  I have a blog on Blogher called WriteWhatMatters.  I have had 2 articles go live so far.  These articles are different from my blog posts.  My most read post is “Declaration of Independence on Political Correctness.”  I have been with Blogher since November. I have not had a paid assignment yet.
  2. I have increased my visibility by tweeting and posting to my Writers Community Board on Pinterest (My site is also called WriteWhatMatters there!)
  3. I have subscribed to Writer’s Digest digitally.  This is a great magazine for beginning writers!
  4. I took an online course about making money by writing.  It was very informative.
  5. I have been researching magazines, authors, publishers, and agents. (More on the next post!)

Next post:

Researching magazines, authors, publishers, agents – This is important!


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