Building my Online Presence

blog-625834_640Today I am happy to say that I learned about putting free pictures on my website! Pixabay is where you can go to find free pics.  It was easy to do so I suggest, why not start Pixabay if you are just beginning.

I have also learned about using HTML to add badges and a follow button.  I found the WordPress help site and I was determined to get results.  I did!  Thanks to WordPress Help!

I had almost 20 visitors to my blog today.  The best ever!  I am humbled.  How so?  Self promotion on Twitter!

According to stats, my online audience and presence is growing visibly.  This did not happen overnight, but after four months of reading, researching, watching YouTube tutorials, and learning how to create widgets!

I also have built a following on Twitter by visiting, tweeting, and responding to trends using the wonderful hashtag phenomenon.

I have been scheduling my upcoming posts to increase my efficiency and be present for my followers!

Working to bring value to bloggers and writers,


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Using Youtube for Writing

This is a repost from the recent past.  My daughter is in the early stages of labor and I have to travel quite a distance to be with her.  I know you will find this post to be very helpful! I will post again as I am able to!

One of the most helpful resources I have found is YouTube.  It is free and informational.  Just type in the keywords you want to know more about and voila!  You can spend some quality time listening to webinars, podcasts, and tutorials that will enlighten you!

Here are some of the helpful videos I have found on YouTube:

  1. Memoir webinar by Brooke Warner ( she’s an agent and has a lot of useful information) I suggest listening to what she’s got out there and subscribe to her if you are interested in writing memoirs!
  2. Evernote:  Getting started and cool tips by Michael Hyatt.  Podcast.  He is very informational and can get the message across.  I have started using Evernote because of his podcast and I love it!  He is a quality resource and I would suggest to subscribe to his channel.
  3. Jen Lancaster – book signing and introduction of her new book. This humorous author shows how she is marketing her book.  If you want to know what it would be like to do a reading and Q and A to promote your book, this is a good video to watch.  Very entertaining!
  4. Jeannette Walls interview on The Glass Castle:An Evening with Jeannette Walls — Point Loma Writer’s Symposium By the Sea 2014. and entertaining!  You’ll be inspired to read it!
I’ve only listed a few here.  Go and search to your heart’s content.  These sites were very helpful to me.  I would like to stress that when you are trying out a few that look interesting, listen to their pace.  Are they on point, do they hold your interest?  If not, move on to the next one.  You’ll know the good ones!  Have fun.
I hope I’ve linked these correctly!
Making the most of everyday!

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Reading to Write, etc. – Where I’ve Been

I’ve spent the last two weeks reading about writing.  I have finished The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeannette Walls.  Since I’ve got a plan to write my father’s story, I wanted to read different types of memoirs.  I also completed a humorous type of memoir/essay by Celia Rivenbark, called Bless Your Heart, Tramp.

I am currently reading The Tao of Martha by Jen Lancaster, which is also a  humorous memoir.  I’ve also been reading Stephen King’s On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft.  I am almost finished with Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style.”

I also had my third article go live on the SheKnows, Blogher website last week.

I received a request for content curation samples from Twitter.  I also went to DC for my day job as a contracting specialist and while there, I continued to research analytics, content curation, and write!

I really want to learn several things right away:  how to get pictures on my tweets and website!  This will really increase traffic, however I have learned that there are photos out there on the web that are free and those that are not!  Some you must attribute to the source (and rightly so).  I haven’t felt 100% comfortable about just putting pictures on my site and not do so correctly!

I’ll start scheduling my posts for regularity since my research shows that my audience is expect me to show up!  That’s important!  I hope my progress as a writer helps you to be inspired and informed.  It’s a lot of work, but it is lots of fun too!  No, I haven’t made any money to date, but that will come in time!

Making the most of every day!




Research to Publish Tips

It’s a good idea to research publishers, magazines, and agents prior to submitting articles!

Here are some valuable resources for you to use to find “that” fit!

  1. Writer’s Market 2016: The Most Trusted Guide to Getting Published
    1. I bought this off Amazon when I took a writing class last fall.  It has been helpful in finding important information like:  Magazines that are likely to publish new and emerging writers; websites; Book Agents, Periodical publishers, Regional publications,  and Submission Guidelines (these are very important because you will need to follow specific guidelines in order to get published)  Prepare yourself for what a magazine wants!  I highlighted all the publishers that would be a good fit for me.  I placed them in my notebook and listed what their basic requirements are.  I also categorized them based on the subject matter I would submit.
  2. Writer for Hire: 101 Secrets to Freelance Success by Kelly James – Enger
    1. I read this book from Amazon Kindle.  This is a well-written book that is realistic and motivational.  This book reinforced what I learned in my online class about making money through writing.  Kelly gives really good basic information that beginners should know.
  3. Pinterest
    1. My site is WriteWhatMatters.  My board is A Writers Community.  It is dedicated to beginning writers and is updated daily.  It offers many useful links and tips that I think are beneficial!
    1.  I have several content curated newspapers I developed for beginning writers to access.
      1. The Beginning Writer Advice Daily
      2. The Writing for Magazines Daily
      3. The Writing Conferences 2016 Daily

Check these out!  You can subscribe to the Dailies at the website.  There are helpful articles everyday.

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Interesting Tips for Beginners

blog-625834_640Here are some things that I have learned as I work on building my platform:
  1. Where do I set up my blog?  Where will I have exposure?
    1.  I have a blog on Blogher called WriteWhatMatters.  I have had 2 articles go live so far.  These articles are different from my blog posts.  My most read post is “Declaration of Independence on Political Correctness.”  I have been with Blogher since November. I have not had a paid assignment yet.
  2. I have increased my visibility by tweeting and posting to my Writers Community Board on Pinterest (My site is also called WriteWhatMatters there!)
  3. I have subscribed to Writer’s Digest digitally.  This is a great magazine for beginning writers!
  4. I took an online course about making money by writing.  It was very informative.
  5. I have been researching magazines, authors, publishers, and agents. (More on the next post!)

Next post:

Researching magazines, authors, publishers, agents – This is important!


Smart Tips for Writers

This blog will focus on my journey in the world of writing and publishing.  I will provide short tips for you to take away as you make your pilgrimage as a writer.

I want to share this blog with those of you who are writing and want to work smarter.

It is important to me to bring value to you through giving you tips on what I have learned so far and let you know what I am doing as I progress.

Here’s a simple starter list for you:

  1. Keep a notebook on hand at all times (you never know when you’ll get an idea!)
  2. Get a copy of Strunk & White’s Elements of Style – read it!
  3. Ask yourself “What do I find myself reading? What do I like to write about?”
  4. You can visit my Pinterest Site WriteWhatMatters.  I developed a board called “A Writers Community” to help fellow writers.
  5. Keep everything you write!  You never know when you’ll want to use what you wrote!

I said I would keep it simple and so I’ve done!  It’s very easy to get distracted by all the information out there.